Nanomodified magnesian schungite protective concrete

Building Materials

Currently, there is increasing demand for building materials with low permeability to the radioactive gas radon and materials that have protective properties against radiation exposure and non-ionizing radiation. Formulations have been developed and now special building flooring and plaster radiation protective mixtures are commercially available. With the acceleration the pace of development of nuclear energy safe utilization of liquid and solid radioactive waste is a vital task for the survival of humanity.

With the use of innovative magnesian barite and magnesian schungite composites opportunities to solidify LRW and solid radioactive waste monolithing are expanded. Magnesium-schungite nanostructured concrete exceed heavy concrete on Portland cement by gamma radiation and strength characteristics reducing multiplicity. Formulations are protected by a patent for an invention.

The paper shows a clear advantage of magnesia cement (compared with Portland cement) in terms of specific mass energy parameters Em and Wm. The data demonstrates that the magnesia cement is characterized by higher parameters of maximum frequency of oscillation of the atoms ?m, which, apparently, is the key to explaining the increased protection (shielding) properties of materials based on magnesia cement mixed with shungite of gamma radiation and exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation the range.

Magnesium-schungite radiation-shielding materials are approved by Rospotrebnadzor for use for collective protection to reduce the income of radon in indoor air, gamma and x-ray production, residential, public and administrative buildings, as well as in food, pharmaceutical, medical and child care.