Designing of steel frameworks from thin-walled cold-formed profiles in SCAD Office

Technology and organization of construction

This paper is devoted to computer-aided designing of steel frameworks from thin-walled cold-formed profiles. It has been shown that the wide utilization of building structures from thin-walled cold-formed profiles produced domestically is restricted, first of all, by shortcoming of national building standards and requirements, as well as insufficient domestic experience in economic and reliable designing of such kind of steel structures.

The main attention has been paid to the structural analysis and determination of the internal forces in structural members from thin-walled cold-formed profiles taken into account restricted torsion deformations. Some scientific issues under the buckling behavior of the structural members from thin-walled cold-formed profiles, as well as post-buckling behavior of these elements after the local buckling of the compressed cross-sectional parts has been presented.

As example, computer-aided design for the steel framework of typical warehouse building of company Llentabhallen Sp.z.o.o. using «SCAD Office» has been presented. In this example the particularities of the 3D finite element modeling of the steel frameworks from cold-formed thin-walled profiles has been also presented.