Estimation of fire resistance of inserted floor fragment based on steel C-shaped profiles

Fire safety in construction

In the current article results of the fire resistance tests of inserted floor based on sheet steel profiles were described, analysis and comparison of the obtained results with other types of slabs were made.

The test model of inserted floor fragment represents three- layer structure based on bearing steel frame made of thin- sheet cold-bent zinc-coated C- like section profiles.

The test have shown that the fire resistance of fragment of this inserted floor is 47minutes, which corresponds to classification REI45 according to GOST 30247.0-94.

Fire resistance of this floor is lower than steel-aggregate granolithic concrete slab based on profiled deck (REI90) and lower than reinforced beamless floor (REI150), however according to The Technical Regulations of Fire Safety Requirements and SNiP 21.01-97 this inserted floor represents degree II-III of fire resistance, while buildings with degree III of fire resistance may have up to 5 floors with total area not more than 2000m2 according to SNiP 2.08.02-89 “Public buildings and constructions”. Also it is allowed to use this floor in dwelling single- family houses with height up to 3 floors (up to 150 m2 each) in accord with SNiP 31-02-2001 “Dwelling  single- family houses”.