In response to professor Karpov, V.V. (About the scientific priority of the structural anisotropy method for ribbed shells as well as on functional, describing the material’s creeping)

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A response is given to prof. V.V Karpov, who publicly and unreasonably blaimed V.M. Zhgoutov for plagiarism of his scientific work.

It was ascertained, that all the correlations, having pertinence to the structural anisotropy method for ribbed shells, given in V.V. Karpov’s work, came after more common and complicated correlations obtained by V.M. Zhgoutov, and present their particular case.

It is shown, that the scientific priority on the functional, describing the material’s creeping of the ribbed shells, also must be owned by V.M. Zhgutov, not by V.V. Karpov, which leads from the publications’ dates and the common foundation of calculations.