Model of work management in the operating organization for the maintenance of building systems

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

Known methods of work management for the maintenance of engineering systems of buildings and structures do not fully take into account results of forecasting of physical wear of systems and the operating organizations possibilities. Such methods do not allow forming the production program considering an actual state of building systems and restriction on resources of various types. Relevance of the offered approach consists in jointly using the individual forecasting results of physical wear of building system and financial streams indicator in model of economic performance of management productivity of this system, and also the following optimization of the production program of the operating organization in the form of a binary mathematical programming problem. The purpose of the work is to increase the efficiency of decision-making at justification of types of work management for the maintenance of building systems. The goal is reached by using the device of analytical and probabilistic forecasting of trend of building system condition and formation of an expression for average balance in function not only from indicators of a financial stream, but also from level of physical wear of object. It is offered to consider the received ratio as criterion function of binary programming problem in which required variables are indicators of a choice of the appropriate work of the engineering system maintenance. The described approach was checked by settlement approbation as applied to formation of the production program of the operating organization, optimum by criterion of a maximum of economic productivity and restrictions on finances and time, and showed the working capacity. On the basis of these results the conclusions are drawn on the area and conditions of application of the developed algorithms and models.