Bearing capacity of compressed continuous and perforated thinwalled steel members of C-shaped cold-formed profiles

Structural mechanics

Nowadays there is steady rising demand for thin-walled light-weight steel structures. But the shortage of relevant standards on their design and use taking into account Russian conditions leads to the current situation when thin-walled light-weight steel structures are used according to the recommended guidelines of thin-walled structures’ producers. The author performed numerical and experimental investigations on general stability and bearing capacity of members of different length which are made of C-shaped profile and C-shaped perforated profile. The main aim of the investigations was to receive a reliable engineering methodology of their calculation. The author developed the testing methodology and designed two test beds С-12 (1200mm/20t) and В-50 (2200mm/50t) to perform the experimental investigation. Numerical solution for stability of thin-walled member made of C-shaped profile was received during the numerical simulation done in PLM Femap 10.1 Nastran. Subsequently the processing of research results will be continued in order to get the corresponding dependences for development of method for calculating thin-walled members under compression.