Use of wastes of rubble crushing in self-compacting concrete

Building Materials

Use of wastes of rubble crushing in the concrete structure allows improving physical and mechanical properties and resolving the issue of recycling. Their use as fillers in self- compacting concrete will reduce costs and improve the economic attractiveness of this material. In the course of the research the compounds of self-compacting concrete with the use of waste powder of rubble crushing were obtained. For such concretes the optimal superplasticizer, featuring additional stabilizing effect that allows obtaining a homogeneous concrete mix, was selected. The results of the study show the relation between cement consumption and viscosity of concrete mix; the dependence of the superplasticizer consumption on the cement type. Application of waste powder can reduce the consumption of silica fume in the composition of selfcompacting concrete and achieve strength 58,5 MPa at a rate of 400 kg /m3 .