Effect of viscosity of petroleum products on deformation properties of concrete

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

This paper presents the results of studies of the effect of petroleum products, impregnating in concrete, on its deformation properties. Petroleum products, impregnating in concrete and reinforced concrete structures, have a negative impact on their strength and deformation characteristics. The negative impact of petroleum products on concrete and reinforced concrete is associated with changes in the hydration process of cement, as well as changes in the structure of the concrete. Strength and deformation characteristics of concrete change due to hydraulic pressure of petroleum products in the pores exerted on the skeleton of cement stone. In this aspect, the crucial point is the porosity of concrete as a permeability factor for petroleum products. One of the most important factors affecting the physical and mechanical characteristics of oilimpregnated concrete is their viscosity. In this paper, the mathematical description of the change of deformation depending on the relative viscosity of impregnating of petroleum products, the value of the axial load and the concrete class was proposed. The obtained results allow assessing changes in deformation characteristics of load-bearing concrete and reinforced concrete of industrial buildings, where petroleum products are used in the technological processes.