Recycling of spent battery electrolytes for construction material production

Building Materials

The issue of spent battery electrolytes recycling in the process of construction material production and also the negative impact of such wastes on environment are considered in this article. Modern methods of processing as spent batteries and their electrolytes are analysed. In this article proposed to recycle spent acid battery electrolyte, applying it as additional component of the mixing liquid for phosphate systems, featured by high mechanical properties, heat and acid resistance. Also authors proposу to recycle spent electrolyte as preparation liquid for mortar made of blast-furnace slag, which is used for construction material production. Values of thermodynamic functions, obtained as a result of calculations, show that hardening reaction of the phosphate system is spontaneous (∆G°298 = -423.6 kJ/mol) and exothermic (ΔН°298= -719.6 kJ/mol). Hardened system represents strong artificial stone which can be used, for example, in construction of floors in workshops with aggressive media, for lining of towers, etc. Test results have shown that maximal strength value of artificial stone (17 MPa) is reached when 15 % of spent acid battery electrolyte is added into phosphate system. The method of geoecological assessment of designed technological solutions is also described.