Method of forecasting the effectiveness of cationic bitumen emulsions

Building Materials

Approbation of the procedure for predicting the production of effective bitumen emulsions at the stage of water phase preparation and also predicting the compatibility of the mineral aggregate and the surface-active substance used to emulsify the bitumen was carried out. As criteria characterizing the optimal composition of water phases, the following indicators were proposed: the surface tension of the water solutions under investigation and the wetting contact angle. The study of the dynamics of changes in the properties of the water phase and surface tension at the interface of the "water phase–mineral substrate" system during the emulsifier concentration change made it possible to establish that in the range of the emulsifier content for the bitumen emulsion recommended by the manufacturer, there are ineffective concentrations, the effect and variability of which is manifested in case of contact with mineral materials of different nature. The possibility of early prediction of the compatibility of the emulsifier used to prepare the bitumen emulsion and the mineral material, which will interact with the production emulsified binder, was evaluated.