Refined methods for calculating and designing engineering structures

Technology and organization of construction

The enhancement of calculation of different structures for engineering constructions which is carried out on the main stages of design, has been considered in this paper: 1) the formation of loads (for structures of vertical cylindrical tanks); 2) improving the design solutions (for structures of rigid bus); 3) assessing the reliability of the adopted design decisions by probabilistic and statistical methods (on the example of frame-cantilever coatings above the stands of stadiums). The main aim of the research carried out in solving the first problem is to improve the method for normalizing the wind load on the surface of a cylindrical tank with a volume of 20000–50000 m3 , taking into account the type of roof (sagging membrane) and the block arrangement (a group of 4 tanks). The solution of the second problem has been considered on the example of new damping devices to reduce oscillations generated by the wind flow of the rigid jumper construction of girder type. The normative documents formulate only general requirements, but at the same time, there are no specific recommendations on rational sizing of oscillation dampeners and data on their application efficiency. The the third problem has been solved on the example of reliability estimation of design project solutions of frame-consol cover structures over stadium tribunes, taking into account the casual character of the main design factors.