Thermal cracking resistance in massive steel-reinforced concrete structures

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

The work is dedicated to research of the thermal crack resistance in massive steelreinforced concrete structures in construction period. The article examines the results of the analysis of the thermal stress state, which occurs in massive steel-reinforced concrete column. The steel part of the column is represented by a system of cross UC-beams. The study was conducted with using analytical models, which include the factor of steel profiles availability in comparison with simplified methods. Authors established that calculations of thermal stresses state of massive steel-reinforced concrete structures in construction period should be carried out with using analytical models, which assumed accounting of the availability steel profiles in cross-section of the column. Structure heating and tension stresses are significantly lower in this case. With all characteristics averaged, maximum tension stresses are less than real by 50.9% and thickness of the thermal insulation is less than required 5 times. Was defined, that calculations of thermal crack resistance in construction period of steel-reinforced concrete structures by simplified analytical model (which assume absence of steel profiles in cross-section of the column) lead to significant errors.